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The chocolate chocolate chip or double chocolate cookie uses a dough that is chocolate-flavored by the addition of cocoa or melted chocolate. Variations on this cookie include replacing chocolate chips with white chocolate or peanut butter chips. Instant coffee is definitely the easiest way to make a delicious, creamy cup of coffee “your way”. Learn the basics, start with a full teaspoon of NESCAFÉ instant coffee, and tweak to make it the perfect cup of instant coffee for you. It’s worth remembering that whilst caffeine is significantly reduced in decaf coffee, it isn’t entirely caffeine-free. Comparisons between decaffeinated coffee and regular coffee have found that decaf coffee contains, on average, 97% less caffeine. Greenpeace estimates that Greeks use 1 million plastic coffee cups a day.


The soluble coffee powder or granules are filled into glass jars or sachets. Filling is carried out in an inert gas atmosphere, to prevent any deterioration of the flavour or aroma of the coffee during storage. Spray-drying is used for most soluble coffees, whereas freeze-drying is used for more expensive, higher quality coffees. @RMac actually I burned my fingers over these just from them being too close to the steam coming off the hot water, so I started using kitchen tongs to hold the paper filter. There are many ways to make froth for coffee, iced or hot.

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For now I’ve been using single-use white paper filters for tea. I cut open the tops of the pods with an office paper knife and pour out the contents into the paper bag. Then I pour hot water into the bag while holding it directly over the cup, careful not to burn your fingers (maybe use kitchen clamps to hold the bag if it’s too hot). Add in 50ml milk of your choice – dairy, or a non-dairy alternative.


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The beans are then dried, ready for roasting in the normal way. Before being roasted, thecoffee beansare immersed in a flow of hot water to extract the majority of the caffeine, since caffeine is soluble in water. There are various types of coffee beans, the main two being Arabica and Robusta, both with different concentrations of caffeine. Therefore, the parameters of the decaffeination process will vary depending on the mixture of coffees that need decaffeinating. Before being roasted, the coffee beans are immersed in a flow of hot water to extract the majority of the caffeine, since caffeine is soluble in water. We find the best way to make Greek frappe is first to get a tall glass, a teaspoon and an electric whizzer. Then add instant coffee , sugar and a shot of cold water.


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Here’s how to bring it all together to make the perfect instant coffee at home. Our coffee expert experimented with dairy and plant-based options, and found all of them will sweeten and soften your coffee, but some will cause subtle changes in flavour. It was considered quite strong though, which might put some people off.


It gained in popularity when it started being served in a kissaten, the Japanese coffee shop. In a kissaten, you could grab a bite, relax and have something to drink, most often coffee or black tea. But coffee didn’t immediately become the most popular drink.


All the flavours you love and trust, with a refreshing kick that keeps you cool and perks you up on a hot day. So get ready – we’re about to show you how you can get that iced coffee feeling right at home, in just a few minutes.


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