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We can rarely say an event will have a daily 1 per cent probability 10 years from now. If each action can lead to multiple outcomes, uncertainty will quickly compound and ramify, much like compound interest on a long-term loan. Moral mathematics also helps us determine the required level of accuracy for a particular set of circumstances. Beth is threatened by an armed robber, so she is permitted to use necessary and proportionate force to stop the robbery.

This can be particularly impactful for students who have wrongly internalized the idea that they are poor at math because of previous struggles—or may not have had the right teacher. It was there that he realized that teaching math was his calling. Students then must then figure out the missing numbers by using the numbers they do know.

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You may have kept a journal in the past which consisted of writing down things you did in the day or explaining how you feel on paper. An idea journal is similar but focuses more on problem-solving. With an idea journal, you can record important thoughts, explore ideas, write down personal experiences, and create sketches that may help you progress through a difficult situation. Sometimes it takes seeing your thought patterns down on paper to really work through a difficult problem. Oftentimes, you can use your idea journal to look back upon when you experience new problems.


Start with the “Introduction” first, then move on to the tutorials discussing specific clues or solving methods. Each tutorial contains a number of different slides – you can advance to the next slide by clicking “Next slide” at the bottom of each page, or by using the circled numerical links below each slide. Choose your specific tutorial from the list below to get started.

Where to find mathematical logic courses?

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DIY is ideal for kids between the ages of 6 and 13 years. Considering that these are some of the most important formative years of development, we’re trying to touch as many childhoods as we possibly can with positive content and hands-on learning.

STEM design challenges always solve a problem, and problems are often run into during the design process. Setting up an Estimation Station in your classroom is a great way to get students thinking critically. Fill a clear container with small objects, and have students estimate the number inside. As they guess, gradually give them clues to help them figure out the number. Do a bit of research if you know you’re likely to face a market sizing question. Market sizing questions are sometimes part of a wider case interview that then explores whether the market is an attractive one or how to be competitive within it. In the past, consulting firms asked riddles to test candidates’ creativity and how they react under pressure.

It is tempting to apply moral mathematics in such cases, to seek clarity and precision in the face of uncertainty, just as we do in the cases of lotteries and charitable donations. If using expected value theory to estimate the moral significance of the far future under conditions of uncertainty leads to fanaticism or cluelessness, it is the wrong tool for the job. Sometimes, our uncertainty is simply too great, and the moral thing to do is to admit we do not have any idea about the probabilities of future events. There are considerable benefits to students solving problems on their own. Several studies show that independent work helps students improve their problem-solving skills and their tenacity in sticking with complex problems. Riddles also can have benefits for kids who struggle with paying attention.

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